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I didn't realize John Cullum was in 'The Day After'! I feel totally stupid now.. That's the coolest movie - although I haven't seen it for a while - and I never put two and two together. Anyway, enough of my babbling. Great site you have here! I enjoyed looking through it and will definitely bookmark it. John Cullum is very talented and I enjoy his work!
Catie <>
, KS USA - 12/22/2001 -
Mr. Cullum, I just wanted to let you kno whow much I enjy your work. I continue to enjoy you on reruns of "Northern Exposure" which I can't get enough of. But my favorite work of yours is in "On the 20th Century," which I saw on Broadway twice in 1978 when Madeline Kahn was still in the show. In fact, I believe I got to see the final preview. I hope you can be a guest at the Moosfest in Rosyn, WA someday. NX fans would loved it! Also, I am a longtime producer of public radio and someday might be interested in having you on one of my shows. Keep up the great work! Joe
Joe Bevilacqua <>
, USA - 12/22/2001 -
I was lucky enough to get third row seats to Urinetown over Thanksgiving weekend. John Cullum is and has been an inspiration to me since I saw him in Shenandoah in 1976. He is one of the reasons I became an actor and now a teacher. I just got the Shenandoah CD and have been listening to it non stop. Thank you John Cullum
Wendy Poole <>
Portland , Me. USA - 12/17/2001 -
Hi There. This is my first visit to this site, so far, so good. Just love anything to do with N.E. h.j.
helen johnson <>
, U.K. - 12/16/2001 -
The best way to reach John would be c/o Henry Miller's Theatre, 124 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036. Sending mail to a theatre is pretty reliable. Jeanette
Jeanette <>
New York, NY USA - 12/13/2001 -
I would like to find were I could send an album for John to sign. Any Help? He was a great actor in NX. Norman
Norman-Standing Tree-Bowen <>
Monroe, NC USA - 12/12/2001 -
You were so wonderful as Holling on NXP...we sure miss that show. Nice to catch you on Law and Order recently--if only NXP had run as long and had so many versions!
mary thomas <>
Fort Myers, FL USA - 12/10/2001 -
Best Regards to everyone form a NX fan
oscar <>
Donostia, Basque Country - 12/6/2001 -
I think John is just wonderful thank you
Erin A. Beeman, C.M.T. <>
Petaluma, CA USA - 11/22/2001 -
I was a little boy when I worked with John in Shenandoah. I thought then and still believe that he is not only a fantastic entertainer but one hell of a nice guy. Brent Carter
Brent Carter <>
New York, NY USA - 11/17/2001 -
i am working with John in Urinetown and he is one of the most positive, energetic, light-filled people I have ever had the pleasure to be around. to say that i respect him would be an understatement.
Lawrence Street <>
S.Plainfield, NJ USA - 10/23/2001 -
I have only begun to look through your site, very good!
Paula Calcaterra <>
Wayne, NJ USA - 10/22/2001 -
Great site! As a huge Northern Exposure fan, it's nice to see a site for Holling:)
geoff <>
Wales, UK - 10/16/2001 -
Mr. Cullum is my favorite actor. I have seen him 5 times in Deathtrap, twice in On The Twentieth Century, once in Shenandoah and the revival, once in Aspects of Love. I hope to see him in Urinetown soon. Please tell Mr. Cullum that he is a credit to the acting profession and he is still my favorite actor. Thank you very much.
Joe Laub <>
Philadelphia, PA USA - 10/15/2001 -
I really appreciated your singing on Northern Exposure, especially the Ave Maria to "Shelly", and the lullaby duet sung to "Miranda Bliss" with Cynthia Geary. I appreciate how you appear very natural by "staying within yourself." It's good to know that you come from a long line of "long livers" so you can keep up the good work for another 40 years. Art Pattison
Art Pattison <>
Ottawa, Ontario Canada - 10/9/2001 -
I love this website. I saw Mr. Cullum in "On the Twentieth Century" and "Deathtrap," and he was excellent in both. I hope to see more articles and pictures about "On the Twentieth Century" on this site. Keep up the good work!
Tony Fyffe <>
Paintsville, KY USA - 10/9/2001 -
Johnnie, Who could believe it's been half a century? We who attended Knox High with you always knew you'd make it. We've followed your career as you honed and matured in your craft. We're proud to have known you and called you friend. Best of Luck, always: Dick (KHS '47)
Dr. Richard M. "Dick" Lancaster <>
Melbourne, FL USA - 10/4/2001 -
Just a quick note to say - Excellent Presentation! The site is a warm and informative tribute to John Cullum.
Cheryl (a.k.a. mags) <>
, NY USA - 10/3/2001 -
What a lovely tribute to a great actor. I'm so impressed by this site - So nice to see such a well done and current site on a great actor.
Marianne Radcliff <>
Chester, VA USA - 10/2/2001 -
The extension of the run of "Urinetown" had forced John to pass up an opportunity to play the role he has always wanted to play, King Lear. This one was presented by the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. I hope that the San Jose Repertory Theater can rectify that situation. I will be bringing this up at a "Ghostlight Forum" given by the artistic director, Timothy Near. I hope she (yes, that's right) will give the guy another opportunity to fulfill a dream, just like she did for Holly Hunter. She's wowing'em here in "The Bog of Cats!" Go to their web site and tell'em!
G. C. Davis <>
San Jose, CA USA - 10/1/2001 -
loved you as Holling. good actor!
mary hanson <>
colorado springs, co USA - 9/27/2001 -
Although I didn't know you personaly I had the pleasure of meeting you at the World Premere of your movie All The Way Home. It was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. Thanks for the memories, and thanks to all who made this site available. Tom Smith
Tom Smith <>
Knoxville, TN USA - 9/20/2001 -
Wonderful tribute to a wonderful actor. John and I were in our senior class play together at Knoxville High School and I have admired his success in the business ever since.
Anna Lee Cox <>
Knoxville, TN USA - 9/20/2001 -
We are so proud of John, one of our "favorite sons" here in Knoxville. I just have two comments: 1) Wish John's role on ER could have lasted longer. He was excellent in the role of Dr. Mark Green's father and added a lot of spit-fire to the season. 2) Could a reunion show of "Northern Exposure" be arranged. I'd love to see this exellent cast together again.
J. Akers <>
Knoxvile, TN USA - 9/20/2001 -
I had the pleasure of working with John on a comedy (no music - rats!) at the Royal Poinciana Playhouse in Palm Beach over 25 years ago. He was the ultimate professional and it was a JOY to work with him. On many trips to NYC I have often waited at the stage door to see him after a performance, and he always remembers the time in Florida with a smile and friendly greeting to me. I'll watch whatever show or film I can with him in it. Here's to many more years of seeing his talent!!
John Murphy <>
Lake Junaluska, NC USA - 9/18/2001 -
Wonderful site! I'm so looking forward to seeing "Urinetown" in December. By the way, you were wonderful on ER!
Page Dreher <>
Alexandria, Va USA - 9/18/2001 -
I've been hearing about this website for about a month now. It's a beautiful website and very informative you guys should be proud of all of your hard work. John, not everyone has such a dedicated group of loving fans. Rosie B you should be on cloud-nine right now. Congrats! on all of your input to this site. I look forward to keeping up with all of the future updates.
Vanessa Archie <>
Richmond, VA USA - 9/17/2001 -
To Ms. Wise: Letters may reach Mr. Cullum c/o Henry Miller's Theatre, 124 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036 We can not give out private addresses or forward mail. Thanks for visiting the site. Jeanette
Jeanette Murawski <>
New York, USA - 9/16/2001 -
I want to send you a letter. What is your address? Sophia Wise
Sophia Wise <>
Winter Park, FL USA - 9/16/2001 -
Nice site,love John as Holling on NX.My favorite,he is one of my favorite actors. Good luck John
Betty <>
lancaster, Pa. USA - 9/16/2001 -
Just for you Rosie the second I saw his photo I immediately knew who John is. Thanks for the invite.
Bob Giannini <>
Phila., Pa USA - 9/12/2001 -
I enjoyed his performances on Broadway in Camelot, Hamlet, On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, Shenandoah, On The Twentieth Century and Urinetown (Off-Broadway) and the conversation Ann and I had with him in the lobby of Syracuse Stage.
Tom Herson <>
Ithac, NY USA - 9/10/2001 -
A fan of John Cullum's, primarily for "1776", "Northern Exposure" and when I first saw him as the star of "Man of La Mancha"
Michael H. Pressman <>
Montreal, QC Canada - 9/10/2001 -
What a beautiful site! I know and love John Cullum as Holling on Northern Exposure! Thanks to this site, I can now learn a lot more about him. I look forward to seeing him on Law and Order's premiere! I wonder what kind of character he will play! It will be strange seeing Holling on that show hahaaaaa :>) Thanks for the site, I will be back often!
Lil Bear <>
Cicely, AK USA - 9/10/2001 -
I worked with John on the film "1776". I was one of the ass't cameraman on the film that was made by Jack Warner when he moved over to Columbia. John was a wonderful person to work with and he was very professional. One of the easiest and laid back person to work with also. He was always very cooperative. I also saw him "Christopher Columbus" here on the West Coast and I had a chance to have a drink with him after "On the 20th Century" in New York. He was terrific in "Urinetown" which I saw last May. Maybe more on John the next time.
Richard Connema <>
SaN Francisco, Ca USA - 9/10/2001 -
Dear John: The first time I heard you sing "Bunny Face" with Cynthia Geary on Northern Exposure it brought tears of pure joy to my heart. I was expecting the birth of my first Grandchild. Needless to say it touched me deeply and I have sang it to both my Grandchildren. It is now a given that each new young life in our family will hear this beautiful song by you. You sang it with such meaning and sincereity. Every mother to be should be as lucky to have a loving and supportive husband as you made Holling. It beats me how anyone can hear it and have a dry eye. Thank you for being a special part of our family and those yet to come. Your voice is a gift from God like our grandchildren. Thank you for the opportunity to tell you how much you have become a part of our family and future generations. God Bless you and yours. Lana.
Lana Timmers <>
Wallaceburg, ON Canada - 9/10/2001 -
John has a wonderfull voice; his duet as "Holling Vincoeur" with "Shelly Tambo" in anticipation of the birth of their son brings tears to my eyes every time I watch that episode of "Norther Exposure."
Art Pattison <>
Ottawa, Ontario Canada - 9/9/2001 -
You are a magnificantly talented actor. I hope that we can make it to NYC to see your later work.
Tina Parkhurst <>
Woodland Hills, CA USA - 9/9/2001 -
Great site and John is a great actor.
Lynda <>
Chapel Hill, NC USA - 9/9/2001 -
Great website! Good work. Has info and pictures galore for John Cullum fans. Really enjoyed it!
Mary Edmonds <>
Goshen, IN USA - 9/9/2001 -
The site looks beautiful. Everyone who has worked on this has done a wonderful job. I have never seen a web-site that has had so much time put into it to make it outstanding!!
Courtney Martin <>
Richmond, VA USA - 9/10/2001 -
The site's lookin' good--thanks for all the hard work you put into it! John Cullum was one of the reasons I stopped being a casual Broadway fan and became a rabid one; his performance in On the Twentieth Century is one for the ages!
Aviva Rothschild <>
Denver, CO USA - 9/9/2001 -
Kudos to the creators of this wonderful tribute to a Broadway giant and noted television and film actor. I have loved John Cullum's work for so many years, my special favorites being "Shenandoah" and "1776". His magnificent singing voice has thrilled me every time I listen to one of his recordings. The dream of my life is to see him on stage, in person, and maybe have the chance to tell him what his work has meant to me.
Mary Ann Hennon <>
BEAVER FALLS, PA USA - 9/9/2001 -
Having seen Mr Cullum on Syracuse Stage a 'few years back', I remembered him from the film "1776"! What a treat that was, seeing him live! And then I noticed him again, in the premiere show of "Northern Exposure" - it became my favorite show and remains so to this day! I was lucky enough to see "Old Money" this past winter in NYC and chatted with Mr Cullum afterwards - not only is he talented, but he's warm, witty, and is a wonderful story teller! Thanks, Mr Cullum!
Judy Schmid <>
Syracuse, NY USA - 9/9/2001 -
I love the original Broadway Cast of "Camelot". It's nice to see talented actors get the praise they deserve. And a very nice and well done web page. I just wish all were as nice as this one.
Lynn Steele <>
Richmond, VA USA - 9/9/2001 -
What a great web site. You are to be congratulated! It's so befitting the man, and actor of his stature. I've not been fortunate to see any of his stage work. I've seen him on a couple of TV shows, but know him best as Holling, on Northern Exposure. That role showed his versatility as an actor/singer, and endeared him to me. I can't wait for the site to be complete.
Judy Lester <>
Chandler, AZ USA - 9/9/2001 -
A well designed and thought out web page. Congratulations!
William Atkinson <>
Richmond, VA USA - 9/4/2001 -