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Sweet Country (1986)  (alternate title: "Glykeia Patrida")
Playmovie Productions (Greece)

Drama about the aftermath of the 1973 assassination of Salvadore Allende of Chile, focusing on two families, one a politically prominent Chilean family, the other an idealistic American couple living there.
Written and directed by Michael Cacoyannis, based on the book by Caroline Richards
Cast: Jane Alexander, John Cullum (Ben), Carole Laure, Franco Nero, Joanna Pettit, Randy Quaid, Irene Papas, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Pierre Vaneck
Released on VHS by Cinema Group Home Video
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Quantum Leap "Catch a Falling Star" and "All Americans" (TV episodes, 1989) 
included in  the DVD set Quantum Leap: Season Two
Starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell

In "Catch a Falling Star,"  John Cullum, Michelle Pawk, Paul Sands, Janine Turner and Ernie Sabella guest star in thise episode set around a touring production of the musical "Man of La Mancha."  Sam (Scott Bakula) is understudying a drunken star (John Cullum) on the verge of destroying  his career.  If Sam does his job, he'll "leap" out of that time/place and lose the old love (Michelle Pawk) he's just found again.  

The cast performed several of the numbers from "La Mancha" in a recording studio and on stage, with John Cullum and Scott Bakula playing Miguel de Cervantes/Don Quixote, Janine Turner and Michelle Pawk playing Aldonza/Dulcinea, and Ernie Sabella as Sancho Panza.  Look for the complete curtain call (cast and crew) at the end of the video, as seen on the original broadcast.  The syndicated TV version often cuts the scene backstage when Al (Dean Stockwell) discusses how important "Man of La Mancha" and the image of the impossible dream were to Sam when they were building the Quantum Leap project ("the only disc you ever played").

John Cullum has starred in "Man of La Mancha" many times.  In the original Broadway production, he was original star Richard Kiley's last alternate and first replacement.  He also toured nationally in the show in the mid-1990s.  But this television episode (in which he sings the opening number "I, Don Quixote" and the love song "Dulcinea") is the only known recording of John's performance in that role.  

In his interview on the MUSIC FROM QUANTUM LEAP CD, Scott Bakula talks about  this episode, and calls John Cullum "one of my heroes, my idol."  The first show Scott saw on  Broadway was SHENANDOAH.  For candid photos of John and Scott together, visit the Television Gallery  on this site. 

"Catch a Falling Star" was also released separately on VHS and laserdisc. 

"All Americans" aired later in the same season, and was John's television directorial debut.   The story is about high school football players from a Mexican-American family.  A threat against the player's family will be carried out if he doesn't throw the big game.


Probably John Cullum's best known television role to date was as Holling Vincouer, owner of The Brick bar in Cicely, Alaska, and sweetheart of former beauty queen Shelly Tambo (Cynthia Geary).  Over the course of  the series' six seasons, Holling and Shelly showed that true love knows no boundaries (their age difference was more than 40 years), staying together, getting married, and eventually becoming parents.   

John Cullum was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor (1993) and received a Viewers for Quality Television "Q" Award (in 1992).  Photos from the VQT Awards are posted in the Television Gallery  on this site. 

Original Regular Cast:  Rob Morrow, Janine Turner, John Cullum, Barry Corbin, John Corbett, Cynthia Geary, Darren Burrows, Elaine Miles, Peg Phillips. 

Seasons 1 - 4 have been relased on DVD by MGM/UA.  Season 5 to be released 11/14/06.  Individual episodes were previously released on VHS and laser disc.
With a Vengeance (TV movie,1992), released on Video as Undesirable

A young woman without a past is haunted by nightmares of her former life. 
Directed by Michael Switzer.
Cast: Melissa Gilbert, Jack Scalia, Michael Gross, John Cullum.

The Secret Life of Algernon (1997)
Marano Productions, Inc. (Canada) 

Dark comedy written by John Cullum, John Gray and Charles Jarrott, based on the novel "The Secret Life of Algernon Pendleton" by Russell Greenan; Directed by Charles Jarrott
Cast: John Cullum (Algernon Pendleton), Charles Durning, Carrie Anne Moss, Harant Alianak, Kay Hawtrey, voice of Kathleen Barr.
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Ricochet River (1998)  Dee Gee Entertainment 

Drama about teenagers growing up in a small town in Oregon. 
By Patrick O'Connor, from the novel by Robin Cody; Directed by Deborah Del Prete; Produced by Deborah Del Prete and Gigi Pritzker
Cast: Jason James Richter, Kate Hudson, Douglas Spain, John Cullum (Link Curren), Matthew Glave, Linda Hawkins, Dan Lauria, Sheila Goold
Released on VHS and DVD by Lions Gate Home Entertainment
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Touched By An Angel: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear  (TV episode,

Inherit the Wind (HBO, 1999)
Held Up (1999) Trimark

Comedy about a stick-up gone wrong.
By  Jeff Eastin and  Erik Fleming; Directed by Steve Rash 
Cast:  Jamie Foxx, Nia Long, Barry Corbin, John Cullum (Jack),  Jake Busey, Michael Shamus Wiles, Eduardo Yez, Sarah Paulson, Diego Fuentes, Roselyn Sanchez, Julie Hagerty
Released on VHS and DVD by Trimark Home Video
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