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John as Charlie Anderson  Meditation  Ed Preble, John and Penelope Milford  John with Chip Ford  
 John and cast (courtin' scene)  John and cast - round the table  John and cast
John and cast  Edward Penn and John  John and cast
  Papa Charlie and sons  Waiting for news  John and cast
John with David Russell and Joseph Shapiro  John and Donna Theodore  John with Penelope Milford  John with Penelope Milford
John with Gordon Halliday  Rehearsal of wedding scene  The wedding scene

On the Twentieth Century (1978)
Kevin Kline, Judy Kaye, Imogene Coca and John  John, Dean Dittmann, Judy Kaye, George Coe and Kevin Kline  John and Judy Kaye  Kevin Kline, John and Judy Kaye  John and Judy Kaye
John, Imogene Coca, George Coe and Dean Dittmann  1978 OTTC 2.jpg (16618 bytes)  John and Kevin Kline  John and Madeline Kahn (later replaced by Judy Kaye)
John and Judy Kaye  Oscar strutting his stuff  Judy Kaye, John and Imogene Coca backstage  Hirschfield sketch of John and Madeline Kahn  1978 Twentieth Century showcard

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