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Photos courtesy of Judy Schmid
  Stew Koenig, John, Judy Schmid & Rosanna Bencoach  
John with Judy Schmid (1999)

Photos courtesy of Becky Anderson and Van D.
(1992 on location at NX)
Becky and John  John with Barry Corbin  John and Van D.

Photos courtesy of Rosanna Bencoach

Washington, DC (1983)   backstage (1985)   backstage (1985)
Rosie, John and Thalia (2000)   Greeting fans at Urinetown (2002)   and signing autographs

Photos courtesy of Jeanette Murawski
John, Jeanette and Lottie Murawski, and Imogene Coca (1979)    backstage as Oscar Jaffee (1979)    John and Lottie Murawski (1996)

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