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John in "The Brick"  Man about town (in Roslyn)  Portrait of "Holling Vincour"  John in "The Brick"

in "Cicely"   with Cynthia Geary ("Hello I Love You")  hats off to the lady!

with Cynthia Geary (Tranquility Base)  with Cynthia Geary (Seoul Mates)   snuggling with Cynthia

John on location (3 Amigos)
  with Barry Corbin (3 Amigos)  tracking with Barry Corbin  with Barry Corbin (3 Amigos)

publicity photo with Cynthia Geary & Barry Corbin  publicity photo with Cynthia Geary and Barry Corbin  "Mad Magazine", January 1992 - Note the day's special!!!!

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