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Androcles and the Lion  with  Inga Swenson (1967)   as Carl Sandburg in Echoes and Silences (1982)   Money Power Murder with  Julianne Moore (1986)   Buck James cast (1987)   1989 QL CAFS w bakula.jpg (19988 bytes)

Touched by An Angel (1997)
with  Kate Fuglei  as Mark Twain  with  Roma Downey  with Shilo Moulton

Nothing Sacred (1998)
a dramatic moment 

1992 Viewers for Quality Television "Q" Awards
John with Scott Bakula  
John at the VQT   with Scott Bakula
  a line of quality winners   a happy line of winners
  with Scott Bakula and Kellie Martin  with Scott Bakula and Deborah Pratt  with fans at VQT




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