NORTHERN EXPOSURE (1990-1995, TV Series)

"John Cullum is Holling Vincoeur, a 62-year old naturalist and adventurer who has given up big-game hunting. 'He's our Gary Cooper type. He saws things through the eyes of the elk once, ' says [producer John] Falsey, 'and put his rifle down.'  .. Holling's love interest is Shelly Tambo, age 18, former Miss Northwest Passage.  She's played by Cynthia Geary.  Their relationship has been a source of some of the show's most sensitive material, as when she glanced at him in bed and noted that he wasn't circumcised." - Michael E. Hill, Washington Post, 5/19/91

"Cullum has become a favorite of viewers"  - Richard Maddox, Soap Opera Digest, 2/10-15/92

"Cheers to CBS's Northern Exposure, for a season finale that recaptured its gentle, literate spirit...One plot line found pregnant barmaid Shelly (Cynthia Geary) with an odd prenatal condition -- she couldn't speak, only sing -- and it was driving husband Holling (John Cullum) crazy...[The problem was] solved with panache. Much to Shelly's surprise, Holling harmonized on a lovely but demented lullaby (to the delight of those familiar with Cullum's Broadway baritone)...Here's to Exposure's next." Cheers 'N' Jeers, TV Guide, 6/12/93

MAN OF LA MANCHA (1995, National Tour)

"Broadway and television veteran John Cullum is a compelling and powerful Cervantes/Quixote, with a powerful voice and terrific stage presence."  - Chuck Lavazzi (KDHX FM 88.1 St. Louis, Missouri) reviewing the production at the MUNY, 4/95

"Cullum also essayed a memorable Don Quixote, second only in my estimation to Richard Kiley's..." David-Edward Hughes, Back Stage West, 7/1/99 (recalling a 1995 performance)

SHOW BOAT (1996, Broadway Revival)

"John Cullum is easily the best of the Cap'n Andys, less a henpecked clown than Robert Morse and more the active father figure than John McMartin." - Jeremy Gerard, Variety, 2/26/96

ALL MY SONS (1997, Off-Broadway)

  "Barry Edelstein's remarkable and deeply-felt production of All My Sons illuminates these larger themes even while reminding us by its simplicity that this is essentially a modern rendering of classical tragedy: a family is rent by the father's devastating crimes, surrounded by a chorus of neighbors and friends who observe and comment on the action. Edelstein's company of eight actors is the finest ensemble on stage in New York today. John Cullum brings enormous presence to his portrayal of Joe Keller, providing the piece with a strong and powerful center; his absences from the stage are palpable." - NYTheatre.com, 1997

"John Cullum gives a shattering portrayal of Joe Keller. He charms and cajoles, he quakes inwardly, he crumbles under the weight of the drama's climax." Elyse Sommer, http://www.curtainup.com, 1997

RICOCHET RIVER (1997, Feature Film)

'The acting is generally good, with [Kate] Hudson especially natural and charismatic in a somewhat clichéd role. Wisely, the producers cast a number of established professionals in supporting roles, including two faces familiar to viewers of television’s ER – John Cullum (who played Dr. Greene’s father in ER) as Wade’s grandfather and Matthew Glave (ER’s Dr. Dale Edson)..." - David Conner, Apollo Movie Guide (reviewing the DVD)


"Veteran helmer Charles Jarrott's "The Secret Life of Algernon" is an airy, often amusing absurdist comedy chronicling the misadventures of an eccentric fellow... Cullum, a co-scripter here with Jarrott and John Gray, seems tailor-made for the role of Algernon, giving the character just the right mix of goofiness and charisma." - Brendan Kelly, Variety, 9/2/97

[The Secret Life of Algernon won the First Place Jury Award at the Film Fest New Haven 1998 (U.S. premiere) and Best of the Fest in the comedy category at the Brickenridge Festival of Film 1998.]

DON JUAN DE MARCO (1999, Reading)

"Even in a staged reading, he brought color, depth and nuance to his role." David-Edward Hughes, Back Stage West, 7/1/99


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