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"...Cullum, one of the great musical leading men of the past 30 years..."
Robert Simonson for Playbill Online, 3/2/01

"Cullum is, with Robert Preston long gone and the recent loss of Richard Kiley, the last of the great Broadway musical leading men. One who can always assure an audience of some enchanted evening." David-Edward Hughes, Back Stage West, 7/1/99

"He goes for the big effects but with sensibly simple means, and he can always convey another layer of something else, something more. He can pull out all the stops without losing inner control, or be reined-in and still while nevertheless making the little that transpires transcend. Why he hasn't done more in our musical theater - why, for instance, he has never played Sweeney Todd - I cannot imagine; he is of the company of John Raitt and Alfred Drake." John Simon, New York Magazine, 8/21/89

"Cullum...has the most magnificent baritone on Broadway. It is marvelous to see a singer plant his feet firmly on stage and hear his voice fill the theater." Wall Street Journal, 1/9/75

"John Cullum...has the eagle look of a D.W. Griffith hero and probably the best singing voice on the American musical stage." Jack Kroll, Newsweek, 1/20/75

"Cullum is something of an anachronism in today's theater -- a forthright, unassuming and manly man who projects these qualities on and offstage. With his blond, rugged good looks and thrilling baritone voice he is the best singing actor on the American stage." Newsweek, 1/27/75

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